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Drugs and alcohol, like nothing else, can ruin life, complicate it in every way, cause some discomfort. The person who came under the influence of the "green snake" and "sat on the needle" is disappointed, she no longer expects any help and feels doomed. This man is the worst enemy of himself, and there is nothing he can do about it. Of course, there are no perfect people, we all have weaknesses. And if it so happened that you, or your loved one, friend, colleague became "addicted", you need to find a way out. Books about drugs will help you find a slightly better version of yourself and say goodbye to bad habits.

How to overcome addiction - books on drug addiction. It is impossible to be completely cured of alcoholism and drug addiction, you can only a little "subdue" the craving for them, take control and protect the body from toxic effects. How to do it? Adjust yourself psychologically. Give up drugs and alcohol completely, because one or two times to use of them will return the disease in all its manifestations.

The Trieste Publishing range includes books about drug addicts: stories of real people, their fight against drug addiction. As well as publications of narcologists who have extensive experience in the treatment of bad habits. Medical students will surely be helped by books on the case of a nurse in psychiatry and narcology, methods of persuasion in the process of combating harmful addiction. Practical literature contains a number of recommendations and is based on real material. Of particular value are books on drug addicts for parents - how to prevent their children's addiction, how to have explanatory conversations and what to do if a child has embarked on the wrong path of alcohol and drug addiction.

Trieste Publishing offers you literature on how to overcome bad habits at an affordable price.

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