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The time of the founding and development of the North American English colonies, ending with the acquisition of independence. This period saw the emergence of democracy (with the simultaneous consolidation of African American slavery) and the formation of important components of the American political and cultural tradition, including the idea of ​​their country as a role model for the rest of humanity (originally in religious Puritan, and after the War of Independence - also in a political sense). The 13 colonies that made up the United States were very different from each other in the way of government, the composition of the settlers, the economic basis of the economy and the ideological aspirations of leaders and residents, but they managed to find a common language, coordinate actions and form a single state. The struggle against the metropolis began as a defense against London's attempts to increase its control and taxation of the colonies, but soon led to the formation of an ideology of popular representation ("No taxes without representation" - meaning representation in the British parliament) and democratic sovereignty, culminating in the demand for independence.

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