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This section of Trieste Publishing presents books on 19th century US history.

Period of active territorial expansion, economic development, and growth of internal contradictions. At this time, the formation of the American state was completed, the country reached its modern continental borders (with the help of treaties, purchases, and wars), internal communication routes developed rapidly (first canals, then railways). Politically, the United States lived on the balance between a free North and a slave South, which vied for the fast-growing West. The South developed a plantation system based on African American slavery, which led to the emergence of the abolitionist movement to ban slavery. The rapid growth of territory, especially after the war with Mexico in 1846-1848, caused an aggravation of disputes about the fate of the new states - they were destined to become free or slave-owning, which was the most important prerequisite for creating the beginning of a civil war in the country.

The last third of the 19th century combined the crisis of American identity and the search for new grounds for national pride with the settlement of the West, rapid economic growth in the North, and the flow of inventions that changed the lives of Americans. During this period, the long era of wars with the Indians ended: the development of the Great Plains, the construction of railways and the extermination of buffaloes led to the defeat of the Indians of the Plains and the final transition of the federal government from maintaining a system of treaties with the tribes - to treating them as wards of the government.

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