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From time immemorial, human life has been accompanied by music. On weekdays and holidays, in sorrow and joy, music is a reliable friend of man. It has a great power to influence people. Music can awaken energy, unite the masses of people, lift their spirits, or inspire sadness or make you think, dream. Music enriches the spiritual world of man, adorns his life. The rich and poetic world of music has always fascinated people with its beauty and charm. The gentle, quiet melody of the lullaby and the lively burly dance melody, the roaring sounds of the hunting horn and the calling signals of the military trumpet have been the companions of people's lives for centuries.


Practical music lessons probably could not exist in a form familiar to all of us, if there was no literature for musicians. Music literature is designed to provide the necessary impetus to the development of abilities and the theoretical basis without which practice would be simply impossible.

This is both educational literature and historical materials. Memoirs and memoirs of contemporaries. Any manuals, notes and music notebooks that are so necessary for a novice musician and theoretical classes.


Trieste Publishing offers you music literature on theory, composition and performance. These books will help you learn to make music yourself.


For a music lover, musician or teacher, there is no better way to improve your knowledge in the field of music than through music literature. From instructions and theoretical textbooks to autobiographical books of performers and musicians - you can find absolutely everything that will help you consolidate your knowledge and skills or develop them.


Let's study music together with Trieste Publishing!

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