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"Welcome to the States, Cities & Towns category of Trieste Publishing. Traveling in the United States is much like traveling in any other country. There are wonderful things about America's cities and the countryside, but there are also some downsides that you need to know about before you set out on your cross-country adventure. You can explore cities like Boston and Washington, D.C., while savoring the beautiful countryside of New York or Michigan. Trieste Publishing is pleased to present “Care-Free San Francisco” written by Allan Dunn. This book gives you a detailed description of San Francisco, a city in California with a lot of tourists. People from all over the world come here to enjoy the wonderful climate and culture. This book provides an introduction to the region's cultural, physical, and political influences on its history, people, food, art, architecture, music, and cuisine. This book also features many excellent photographs of San Francisco. Also the book from our Trieste Publishing collection “The Tourist’s Guide to the Hawaiian Islands” by Henry M. Whitney has a lot of information for anyone interested in Hawaii. That includes you if you are a tourist. It is a book about Hawaii that offers information on locations, things to do and see, hotels, sceneries and activities. The Hawaiian Islands are vast and diverse, and contain many beautiful sights to see. Most visitors that want to explore Hawaii will find it difficult to find a book that describes all that Hawaii has to offer them. Don’t miss the travelogue “Alaska days with John Muir” by S. Hall Young. Alaska is one of the United States most remote and little known territories. It sits at the geographic center of North America, but it has few neighbors and seems to be an island unto itself. Alaska, as always, is home to a great variety of wildlife and scenery. This book covers those aspects along with those of local history and culture and will also delight you with illustrations. These travel books for the States, Cities & Towns of United States is a perfect way to discover this vast country. In Trieste Publishing books you will find hundreds of destinations that are not only beautiful but also offer a great mix of historical sites and cultural traditions. "
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