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Until the 15th century, the territory of South America was inhabited by indigenous people - Indians, who had their own unique culture, traditions and customs. Their civilization developed in a closed area, without any outside influence.

The long-term isolation of the American Indians was broken on October 12, 1492, when Christopher Columbus's expedition accidentally stumbled upon one of the Bahamas. After a month of wandering across the Atlantic Ocean, his ships Santa Maria, Ninya and Pinta landed on land that the navigator had mistaken for the west coast of India. After surfacing the islands and coastline of the northern coast of South America, the navigator returned to his homeland.

After announcing his discovery to the King of Spain, Columbus received considerable financial support, and with 17 ships returned to the West Indies - Western Indies - as he continued to count. The purpose of this expedition was simple - to search for gold in new lands. So Haiti was conquered and mastered. Subsequently, Christopher Columbus made two more expeditions to the shores of South America, but he never realized his mistake.

The real discovery of South America as a new continent took place in the 16th century thanks to the Italian navigator Amerigo Vespucci. After landing on the shores of the West Indies, an experienced sailor quickly realized that Columbus was wrong.

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