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"Welcome to the South category of Trieste Publishing books. The South of the United States is a region that includes some of the most culturally and historically significant places in the United States, such as: Florida, Texas, Louisiana, Alabama, Mississippi and Carolina. For the traveler who's looking to get off the beaten path and explore new destinations, Trieste Publishing has compiled a list of travel books that are all but guaranteed to get you there. Our collection of Southbound titles covers everything from Arkansas to West Virginia, from Mexico to New York City, with many places in between. If you interested to learn more of Southern state Texas, we are pleased to recommend the book “Braman's Information About Texas” authored by D. E. E. Braman. This small book has been written exclusively for people looking for information about Texas and the material it contains is final and reliable. It contains information about soil, climate, cities and other important things. Also, if you like reading about discoveries and expeditions, then you may like the book from the Trieste Publishing collection ""A Briefe And True Relation Of The Discouerie Of The North Part Of Virginia"" by John Brereton. This book, reproduced on the following pages, is an expeditionary account of the first British voyage to the shores of New England. Captain Gosnold and thirty-two others sailed from Falmouth on Friday, March 26, 1602, and made their first landing at Cape Cod, which they named because of the large amount of fish found there. Many books have been written about famous cities, but some books are about forgotten cities that have not been marked on maps for a long time. If you'd like to know more about Forgotten Cities, here's ""The Dead Towns Of Georgia"" by Jr. Charles C. Jones. This book contains fragmentary memories of cities that were once vital and influential within our borders, but are now covered with a mantle of decay, ceaselessly and utterly silent among the voices of the present. Against the miasmatic influence of the swamps, Spanish dangers, Aboriginal hostility, poverty, and sometimes the narrow-mindedness of the Trust, the colonists fought fiercely for their dominance over the wild lands from Savannah to La Alatamaja. Nothing points to the vicissitudes and mistakes that had to be faced in that initial period of development like the Dead Cities of Georgia. From each one in turn comes a whisper of hope, the noise of the struggle with nature for life and comfort, the sad tension of disappointment and the silence of nothingness. About the selected characteristics and characteristics of the primitive peoples who inhabited this territory before the appearance of Europeans, we are already in another place. Trieste Publishing brings you the best books about the South of the United States. Our line of travel books includes travel guides, insider’s secrets to visiting South America, and much more! "
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