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In the Middle Ages, there were very few educated people. This was due to the fact that there were no typewriters and special scribes copied the books. Because of this, books cost very expensive and only very rich people could afford to buy them. Over time, after Gutenberg invented the printing press, the cost of books declined, as the process was not long to create each copy, and education and universities began to spread across Europe. Now every student has school textbooks and manuals, and it is difficult to imagine the learning process without them. After all, a knowledge that is systematized and laid out on paper, gives the student new material gradually and clearly. In the Middle Ages, it was difficult to imagine! But today we already have a sufficient level of education, which in the future can help ensure a happy life on the planet. The main thing is to learning!


When a child starts going to school, it is a great stress for him. It takes a lot of patience, trust in parents and good textbooks to show your child that learning is fun. The child must understand that the school opens up new perspectives and incredible knowledge for him, with which the school book can acquaint him.

During this period of study, the child receives basic secondary education, which prepares him for the choice of further education and study profile. This time also coincides with adolescent problems related to the transition from childhood to adulthood and greater responsibility. It is important to find a balance between personal experiences and schooling. Our editions should help the child to get all the necessary knowledge and choose the direction in which he wants to move forward because one of the tasks of the school is to help find a "related job".

At the final stage of school education the picture of the student's world is finally formed, he learns to master the means of communicative and cognitive activity. Also during this period he learns to obtain information from various sources and process it for the desired result.

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