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"Welcome to the Quaker category of Trieste Publishing Books. Quakers or Religious Society of Friends was originally a Protestant Christian movement that arose during the English Revolution (mid-17th century) in England and Wales. The Religious Society of Friends is an association of independent faith-based organizations whose faith and practice may differ significantly from each other. Despite significant external differences and the absence of a certain symbol of faith, all Quakers share certain beliefs, which are based on the belief in the existence of a certain essence in every person (various terms are used to designate it: Light, Spirit of God, inner Christ, and others), in submission the will of which true life consists and through which direct communication with God is possible. According to the Quakers, the relationship of a person with the Light cannot be accurately conveyed in words, therefore the Quakers attach the main importance to personal religious experience and the way of life that the Light requires. The founding of the Quaker community is attributed by researchers to George Fox. If you want to learn more about the founder of Quakers and their history, we are glad to recommend you the book from our collection “George Fox, the Friends, and the early Baptists” by Tallack, William. This work is believed to be the first to trace Quaker doctrines and constitutions specifically and in detail, principally to the early Baptists. The remarkable influence of George Fox and his friends in the various departments of philanthropy, social progress, political reform, literature, science, and commercial enterprise has also been reviewed in greater detail than any other book. You can also find out more about this movement in the book ""Lights and Shadows of Quakerism"" by Edward Ryder, because neither the Christian community nor the world in general have ever dealt with the phenomenon of Quakerism, and in this book you can find answers to your questions. You can learn about the principles of Quakerism in the book ""Quaker strongholds"" by Caroline Emelia Stephen, and find out what these principles really are and the resulting practices. You can find these and many other books about Quakers in our extensive catalog. Find out more or deepen your knowledge of Quaker with Trieste Publishing Books. "
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