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"Welcome to the Northeast category of Trieste Publishing books. Northeast of America - a place that is steeped in history, rich in culture and a multitude of outdoor activities. For centuries, the Northeast has been an international destination. Despite the name, the region features a variety of climates and topography that make it unique in many ways. So why not write about the journey? The Northeast has much to offer for travelers looking to experience unparalleled scenery, history, culture, cuisine, adventure, natural beauty and more. Here you will find everything from family-friendly coastal towns to quirky little villages nestled by the mountains, lakes and rivers of the region. From New York State's many lakes to Vermont's colorful Adirondack Mountains, from Delaware's picturesque shorelines to Maine's majestic Appalachian Mountain range, these books cover it all. We can offer the book “Along New England Roads” by W. C. Prime. This book is a logical and understandable summary of the author's journey and his experiences and ways to improve the quality of life in letters. It highlights the places and roads that he visited, the events that occurred on those trips and what he learned during his travels. This book is written in a language that ordinary readers can understand and it's highly recommended for readers who are interested in this subject. Have you ever wanted to read the first book describing New York? Then Trieste Publishing will gladly satisfy your desire and offer ""A Brief Description Of New York: Formerly Called New Netherlands"" by Daniel Denton. As Denton himself stated in his foreword - and our current bibliographic knowledge supports his claim - his pamphlet is the first description of New York to be printed in English. These and many more travel books for the Northeast United States can be found in our comprehensive Trieste Publishing catalog. The books from this category will help you experience the rich history, landscape and culture of the New England and Mid-Atlantic States. The books are varied: from travel guides with photographs, maps, illustrations and written text to letters and etc. Travel the Northeast United States in an interesting and comfortable way with Trieste Publishing books. "
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