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In this section, Trieste Publishing presents a wide range of readers with literature on famous and unfamiliar musical instruments, thanks to which music has fascinated people for many thousands of years in different parts of the world.


A musical instrument is an instrument designed to perform music. In principle, any instrument that is able to reproduce sounds under certain conditions and in certain musical traditions can be used as a musical. The science that studies the history, cultural traditions and technical features of musical instruments is called instrument science.


People from ancient times create and improve various musical instruments.


In Africa, South America and Asia a few centuries ago, the body for stringed instruments was an ordinary pumpkin, and in the Arabic double-stringed rebabe, a tortoise shell is used for this purpose. People played almost everything that could sound.


A musical instrument is not just a subject for sound extraction, it is a virtuoso instrument in the hands of a musician, which can subdue, pacify, excite minds and souls. The history of musical instruments is rooted in the distant past.

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