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This section of Trieste Publishing contains books on music genres.


Many people in the world understand and perceive music as a source of entertainment and pastime. However, music can be called the holiest of all arts, because in fact what the art of painting can not say clearly, poetry explains in words; but what is difficult for poets to express in words is expressed in music.

The healing effect of music on the human body has been known since ancient times. Our ancestors included music in the number of general education subjects, because nature itself seeks to give us the opportunity not only to properly manage their activities, but also to enjoy free time. That is why in those days the greatest thinkers and prophets were also great musicians. In ancient times and in the Middle Ages, the belief in the healing effects of music was extremely high. This is evidenced by literary and medical evidence of "treatment" with music.


Before the child can admire the color or shape, he enjoys the sound. And if there is any art that can please the old, children, young - it's music. As mechanisms of therapeutic action of music we can mention: catharsis, emotional relaxation, regulation of emotional state, facilitation of awareness of one's own experience, confrontation with life problems, increase of social activity, acquisition of new means of emotional self-expression, promotion of new relationships and views. If there is an art that can fill young people with life and enthusiasm, feelings and passion, it is music.


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