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It is difficult to find a person in the world who avoids the pleasant sounds of music and does not like to listen to songs. After all, in the life of each of us music is present in one form or another from the first minutes of life - from the lullaby to the book with notes in music lessons at school, from favorite hits of youth to popular songs that love to sing with friends. We hear music involuntarily in nature, because it is with us every day and everywhere.


Books about music prove that music is a universal language of people, as well as the art of communication with the help of melodies. After all, pleasant sounds always unite people of different nations and languages, unite different generations and people of different religions. We may not understand the words of someone else's song, but we feel the melody with our heart, guess the meaning and fall in love with this kind of art…

A large number of books on music from Trieste Publishing will give an idea of ​​the existence of different trends and directions, views and stages of development of musical art.


With this literature you can be sure: music evokes different emotions and makes us human, we rejoice or cry, dance or sing.


You can't love music just by reading books dedicated to it. However, you need to buy books about music at least in order to arouse interest, because music is beautiful, interesting and exciting. The range of books in the music section of Trieste Publishing will pleasantly surprise music lovers.

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