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The first traces of human habitation in Mexico date back to the XX millennium BC. El Hombre de Tepexpan - Human Tepexan - human remains found during excavations in 1947. This is evidence of the existence of life on the territory of Mexico 11 thousand years ago.

The Olmec culture, whose language is still unknown and the writing has not been deciphered, took shape and flourished in the 12th-5th centuries BC. with centers in La Venta (today Tabasco), Tres Zapotes (today Veracruz). The Olmec culture, which significantly influenced the culture of later civilizations, is characterized by the most unusual, but at the same time very expressive sculptures in all Central American art: huge stone human heads, altars and steles.

In the IV-IX centuries AD at the center of the rise and development were the cultures of Teotihuacan, Zapotecs, Totonacs and Mayans. An important place in the religion of the Teotihuacan tribes was occupied by the god with the body of a snake and covered with bird feathers - Quetzalcoatl. Later, among the Aztecs, the Feathered Serpent became the patron saint of culture. The Maya civilization is known for its hierographic writing, art, amazing architecture, and the creation of an accurate calendar, in addition, the Mayan civilization made a huge contribution to the development of mathematics and astronomy.

In the 12th century, the Aztecs appeared in Central America, who conquered the tribes living there and created a powerful Empire. The capital of the Aztec empire was the city of Tenochtitlan, located on Lake Texcoco, now there is the capital of Mexico - Mexico City.

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