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"Welcome to the Methodist category of Trieste Publishing Books. Methodism is a Protestant denomination, prevalent mainly in the United States and Great Britain. Methodism arose in the 18th century, separating from the Church of England with the requirement for consistent and methodical observance of the gospel precepts. The Methodists preach religious humility and meekness. Methodist communities use a variety of liturgical forms in their worship, ranging from the so-called ""high forms"" inherited from the Church of England, to the typical Protestant simple worship that does not recognize liturgical rites. Learn more about the life of one of the founders of Methodism in a book from our collection ""Studies in The life of John Wesley"" by E. B. Chappell. This book does not claim to be a complete biography of the great founder of Methodism, but is only a series of studies from his life. However, these studies are organized in such a way as to give the basic outlines and characteristics of his wonderful career. We are also pleased to present to your attention the book ""History of the Primitive Methodist Church"" by H. B. Kendall, which tells the very history of the birth of the Primitive Methodist Church and what preceded it and how it developed afterwards. The historical imagination, spiritual discernment, literary grace that can be all associate with the author are all evident in these pages. The book is written with love for the subject, with gratitude for the past and with confidence in the future. And for a better understanding of Methodist terminology, check out the book “Methodist Dictionary, A Brief Work On Methodist Terminology” written by Joseph F. Anderson. This small work of Methodist terminology has been prepared for use by ministers, especially younger ones, official members, fellows in training as full members, Sunday School servants and teachers, Epworth League employees and members, newspaper reporters, and members and friends of the Church in general. The aim was to provide in a compact and convenient form, in alphabetical order, information on vital issues of history, doctrine, law and government of the denomination as a whole. Learn and expand your knowledge of the Methodist with our Trieste Publishing Books collection. "
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