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Memoirs have long been considered a popular type of literary works. We are talking about the best memories - collections of notes that tell about the lives of contemporaries. You can buy memoirs in Trieste Publishing.


The author of the memoirs collected information about the historical events in which he participated and the statements of people with whom he was personally acquainted. Therefore, the literature turned out to be interesting, and in some places provocative and intriguing.


Types of memoirs: literary, shorthand, diaries, memoirs


A feature of the memoirs is the similarity with the documentary literature. Many of them claim the authenticity of the reproduced historical events and the general picture of the past. However, given that they do not always contain true and accurate information, one should not believe in all facts.


It is better to perceive memoirs as books that are interesting to read. And they really are that. Their central figure is the person - the author or the people around him, about whom he writes. In his work he describes the chronicle of historical events, paying attention to his actions, deeds, thoughts.



In the memoirs, the story is presented in the context of human life. Its actions are considered as part of the overall historical process. This distinguishes memoirs, for example, from autobiographies. It describes the inner world and the development of the author's personality.


From another type of documentary literature - chronicles - memoirs are distinguished by high subjectivity. All historical events and important moments are conveyed by the author through the prism of his own life. The author relives everything he describes, adding a personal emotional color to the work.


Apparently, this is what attracts the reader in memoirs. They are interesting and bright, they describe things of long ago, but people appear alive. With their weaknesses, mistakes and doubts, characteristic of the whole human race.



Memoirs are interesting to read for the reason that their authors were often really great people. Their memories can span a considerable period of time, sometimes from early childhood.


Literary works can be concise and detailed. In the latter case, the author carefully describes the smallest details, up to everyday life. In this regard, memoirs are books with an inexhaustible source of unique knowledge of paramount importance.


If you are interested in the best memoirs, you can buy books on our website. We offer buyers a wide selection of memories of famous people: writers, artists, musicians, journalists, politicians and even emperors and generals.


Some of them are read easily and effortlessly. This is usually typical of writers' memoirs. They pay a lot of attention to childhood, the events of which influenced their choice.


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