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Each of us sometimes wants to know magic spells or have the power to solve all problems and change time, space and reality at will. However, in ordinary life this is impossible. But in the books - it's ok! In books about magic, they use magical powers for small everyday tricks and global needs, save someone's life and the whole world, protect themselves and others from enemies, fulfill desires and read thoughts, and most importantly - learn to be responsible for all their charms.


People have long believed in supernatural powers, magic. People were convinced that with the help of certain rituals it is possible to influence the phenomena of nature, animals or man in a supernatural way.


From time immemorial, man has tried to explain everything that happens through magic. In the changes of seasons, downpours and droughts, fortunes and failures, the influence of magic, unearthly forces were seen. Birth, growth, marriage, work, death - all stages of life of ancestors were accompanied by rituals, beliefs, superstitions.


In this section you will find books about magic from Trieste Publishing. You will read in these books about what our ancestors believed, what orders and rituals were performed in honor of calendar holidays and other important life events, why a person's name had a magical meaning, who were the Magi, healers, witches, molfars, what objects were endowed with magical properties and what was their purpose, how to treat diseases and ailments with the power of words and herbs, who were revered and feared by people in those days or in the Middle Ages.

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