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"Welcome to the Lutheran category of Trieste Publishing Books. Lutheranism is one of the oldest Protestant movements in Christianity. Lutheranism started in the 16th century by the German Catholic priest Martin Luther of Wittenberg, who called for a radical change in the Church and brought about the Reformation. The very emergence of the concept of Protestantism is associated with Lutheranism, since it was Lutherans who began to be called Protestants after their protest in Speyer. The basic principles of the doctrine of the Lutheran Church were formulated during the struggle of Martin Luther and his associates against the abuses of the Roman Catholic Church, on the one hand, and more radical Protestant movements, on the other (Anabaptism, Calvinism, Zwinglianism, etc.). With Lutheranism in mind, we recommend that you check out the Life of Martin Luther by Christian Bunsen and Sir William Hamilton. The shortest, most reliable and complete biography of Luther that has come down to us is presented by Chevalier Bunsen in the Encyclopedia Britannica. This book contains a good and reliable account of the life of the great reformer. Added from Thomas Carlyle an appreciation of Luther's character and genius as one of those spiritual portraits for which Carlyle will be known as long as literature exists, and on which his fame will ultimately rest. You will also be interested in ""History of the Lutheran version of the Bible"" by John P. Hentz. This book simply tells the story of Luther's translation of the Bible in plain, plain language. In case you would like to read something practical about Lutheranism, then we bring to your attention ""The Lutheran manual"" by Junius B. Remensnyder. This book is an answer to a frequently asked question about a book that outlines the main characteristics of the Lutheran Church in simple style. It aims to promote the interests and progress of the entire Church, regardless of divisions or parties. Accordingly, the doctrines, customs, spirit and life of the Lutheran Church are set forth here in such vast outlines that are common to all synods, branches and sections. All these books are just a small part, which are devoted to Lutheranism in the Trieste Books Publishing catalog and in this category the best of them are collected for your convenience. "
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