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The beauty of human life is embodied in various works of art. Music is one of the most common ways to tell the world about your feelings. Great composers have left behind a large number of masterpieces, which are still admired by many people. Trieste Publishing offers you books about composers. With their help you will be able to learn more about the work of great people, learn how great composers created their own works. Studying literature about music and composers will be useful not only for novice musicians, but also for ordinary people who want to know more.


The history of music is much like the history of Western civilization. It reflects the era when different composers lived and those musical instruments that they could use. Gregorian chants of medieval churches, “The Seasons” by Vivaldi, “Messiah” by Handel, overture “1812” by Tchaikovsky, Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony with the magnificent “Ode to Joy”, “Solemn and Ceremonial Marches” by Elgar - all these great musical works reflect the atmosphere of their era and let feel that era to modern listeners.


A wide range of Trieste Publishing products will allow you to choose literature to taste. Books about composers will tell their difficult life story. All the difficulties of the path of creative people were described in autobiographies, letters, books, memoirs.

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