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The history of Africa is very bright and ambiguous. Africa has rich natural resources since the time of the pharaohs. In the past centuries, it is the bait of gold, ivory and slaves from afar attracted merchants, adventurers and conquerors. Nowadays, the focus is on oil, diamonds and other rare earth minerals.


Many writers trace the rise and fall of ancient kingdoms and empires, the spread of Christianity and Islam, the long search for gold and other riches, the exploits of explorers and missionaries, and the influence of European colonization. They also study the fate of modern African states and give an idea of ​​the future of the continent.


Why buy books on the history of Africa? Encyclopedias provide extensive information and fairly detailed articles, written by experts from different states, on population movements, historical events, and often refer to their sources for deeper immersion in the topic. Africa has played a crucial role in shaping Christian culture since its inception. Some of the most important intellectual achievements of Christianity were researched and understood in Africa before they found themselves in Europe. A new paradigm is needed to move Africa forward. The foundation of this model should be African people and how they view and analyze their own situation and problems. In the end, it is they who must save the continent, not the people of the West or the East.


The West sees Africa's problems differently from Africans themselves. The main reason why things went wrong is that after independence, the leadership rejected their cultural heritage, went abroad, and copied all sorts of foreign and non-functioning systems to impose them on the people. You can learn more about this from the specialized literature.


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