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What Do We Know About The British Empire In 1914

Great Britain was a major European power during the 19th and early 20th centuries, with colonial possessions around the world. In 1914, Britain was at the height of its imperial power. Her empire stretched across the globe and included over a quarter of the world's population. The British Empire was an industrial as well as an imperial power. By 1914, Britain was the world's largest trading nation with a global trade network that stretched from China to South America. The name Britain is derived from the Old English word Bryten, meaning 'land of the Britons', which was used by the Anglo-Saxons to describe the island after they had conquered it. King Alfred the Great (r. 871–99 years) united the kingdoms of Wessex and Mercia into one kingdom, which he called England. Britain's wealth had been built on coal, iron, and steel production, which was abundant in the northeast of England. But it was also based on international trade with its colonies, dominions, and other European nations. The rarest facts and unpopular opinions about different periods you can find in our Great Britain history books.

Get To Know The World’s Major Events With the Great Britain History Books

Britain is a nation that has been at the center of many major events in world history, from the birth of democracy to the Industrial Revolution. Its influence on other countries has been immense, as it has spread its ideas and culture across the globe. However, despite all this good work, there have been dark sides to all periods of British history. Some of these include The slave trade, The Indian Mutiny, and The Bloody Code. In the Great Britain history books, you will follow the story of the Сontemporary UK, a developed country that has the world's fifth-largest economy by nominal GDP and eighth-largest economy by purchasing power parity. It was also a founding member of what would become known as the European Union. The UK is one of five recognized nuclear weapons states and possesses submarine-based nuclear missiles capable of delivering British nuclear warheads anywhere in the world via its fleet of ballistic missile submarines.

Literature Collections For Every Bibliophile

The history of Great Britain books would be an excellent choice for anyone interested in learning more about British history or who wants something good to read aloud to younger students who are studying this subject in school. In this section, you will find biographies, covering the life of an important person from British history. Books that besides the general narrative include short stories on culture, politics, and language. Guides through the origin of the most popular British surnames and names, such as Kenneth and Morgan. There are also many sidebars throughout which give additional information about various aspects of British history. This type of literature gives enough detail to satisfy those who are curious about historical events, but it does not go into so much detail that younger readers will get bored or lose interest. Every book you can order is a new and shiny reproduction of classical works. Deep dive into the world of the UK with our library!
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