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History Books: The Anatomy of a Location

Learning the background of the country makes it more interesting to travel, eat the local food, and enjoy the views. Nowadays France is one of the most visited countries in the world, and for good reason. The country has a rich culture, a beautiful landscape, and some of the world’s best food. It has been a major power in Europe for centuries and was one of the first to undergo the Industrial Revolution. It has also had a tumultuous past that has led to a variety of political systems and governments. A lot of historical events described in the books about France's history influenced the order and forever changed some social and political courses in the world. For example, The French Revolution was one of the most significant events in European story. It began as a rebellion against the monarchy but soon degenerated into a bloody civil war between conservatives and radicals. In this section you'll find literature about France's revolutionary past, including the rise of Napoleon Bonaparte and his battle campaigns, as well as its post-revolutionary events Revolution had a lasting impact on France and Europe, altering the course of human life and gave birth to a new social order, government, laws, and economy.

France History Books to Make Us Appreciate Modern Times

The Gauls were Celtic people who lived north of the Loire river before the Roman invasions. In 52 BC they were conquered by Julius Caesar and became part of Roman Gaul. They had a rich culture that contributed greatly to what is now modern France. Roman Gaul was divided into three parts: Gallia Celtica, which was predominantly Celtic with a Latin culture; Gallia Belgica, which was predominantly Frankish with a Germanic culture; and Gallia Aquitania, which was predominantly Basque with a mixed Gallo-Roman culture. After centuries of Roman rule, Germanic tribes invaded northern Gaul, now known as France, in 406 AD. This period was known as the Migration Period or Barbarian Invasions, as various tribes from across Europe migrated into northern Europe and began to fight over the territory there. The Franks emerged as victors in this conflict and became one of the most powerful and influential kingdoms in Western Europe by 500 AD.

History, Language & Culture

Whether it be chronicle texts or creative novel books on France's history, in this section you will find interesting and easy reads. Selected authors explore the great figures and events that have shaped this country's past, as well as its culture, art, and language. They are an excellent reference that provides in-depth information on France from prehistoric times to the present day. Texts include biographies of famous people, descriptions of important events, and key works of art such as paintings and sculptures. From its origins as a small Gallic settlement along the Seine River in Gaul through its tumultuous centuries as the capital of France under kings Louis XIV and XV, Napoleon III, and Charles De Gaulle. From its role as home base for some of the most famous artists such as Impressionists Manet. In our library, you can purchase the best history of France books written by great historians, such as Andrea Morua. Get the online preview to decide if this book is what you want.
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