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Fairy tales remind us that we all come from childhood, where fiction, magical plots and a variety of fantasies prevailed. This magical literary world amazed us as children and opened our lives. Now it's the turn of our children! Trieste Publishing offers an immersion in a huge selection of fairy tales and myths for children, each of which takes the baby in fictional lands.

Children's fairy tales - fun for the whole family! It is always a pleasure to read fairy tales before going to bed: parents remember their childhood and spend a few free minutes one-on-one with their child and a book, and the child listens with enthusiasm, fantasizes and slow to asleep. So the book of fairy tales is a pleasure for the whole family because to dive into wonderful stories and feel like a desperate fairy-tale hero is parents and children want also.

Trieste Publishing is no different from other parents: we also enjoy reading fairy tales to our little loved children and watching the developments in each of those stories. The extraordinary adventures and wisdom of such books cannot be compared to any other genres!

Trieste Publishing online bookstore offers on its website a huge selection of books of fairy tales, legends, myths, among which you can choose works by different peoples of the world and various authors. Here you will find small fairy tales for the youngest readers, for kids who are not even a year old. For older children (preschoolers), we have prepared books with high-quality pictures from the Brothers Grimm and similar classics. We also offer fairy tales of Europe, America, Africa, Asia, Australia, which are popular among children and adults of any age, where you can learn about the traditions of different peoples of worlds.

You can also give young readers Christmas tales, which will be a great addition to the holidays, give a good mood and warm in the cold. A good purchase will be books of fairy tales for children, which will talk about the power of nature and the extraordinary adventures of the heroes.

The door to the country of childhood never closes, and a big "thank you" for this should be said to fairy tales. Thanks to these wise books, airy tales for both boys and girls!

Tales, legends and myths from Trieste Publishing adorn our evenings and make home reading a family tradition, bind us together and make us fall in love with literature. So buy an interesting book of fairy tales for your child and family now to make family life and leisure more interesting.hen, when this process is fast and willing, you can buy a collection of fairy tales for both boys and girls!

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