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Dancing - a game of the body that combines a subtle sense of rhythm, sharp and smooth movements, grace. A person who dances is always obvious, especially if he does it professionally. Dance is a body language that everyone understands. It is more than art - an invisible connection with the audience, its subordination to itself, a powerful energy message.


Dance books from Trieste Publishing are able not only to surprise, but also to capture - with their sincerity, depth of presentation, completeness of information. They have success stories of great dancers, dances of the peoples of the world, reviews of cult dances, choreographic textbooks - all that will surely inspire new achievements.


The world of dance is rich and skillful, there is something to read. Even ancient shamans considered it necessary to move rhythmically by the fire in a ritual dance, showing respect for their gods. Rich receptions in the royal palaces could not do without a beautiful waltz. Many armies of the world have combined percussion and metal techniques with dance plastic: Cossack hopak, Brazilian capoeira ...


Read books about dancing and learn more about them.


In this section, novice dancers and professional choreographers will find books about ancient dances, dances of different peoples, the history of dance. Books on the theory and practice of choreography, methods of classical teaching, publications on the art of dance, dance and theater, dance teachers and much more. For those who are interested in the life stories of famous dancers, there will be interesting books on biography.


Books about dances from Trieste Publishing - the most valuable information for choreographers of all categories and dance lovers!

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