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China is the largest country in the world in terms of population, the second in terms of economic power, and the third in terms of area. China has a long and almost uninterrupted history of about six thousand years. Written sources, however, indicate a slightly younger age - 3600 years. The capital of the state since 1421 (intermittently) is Beijing.

China has given many inventions to humanity, including gunpowder, the compass, paper and typesetting. Chinese writing based on hieroglyphs is a unique phenomenon in world history, one of the oldest and most complex writing systems. Until the 19th century, China was one of the world's most advanced states and the main cultural center of East Asia. Later, the country experienced centuries of colonial conquest but was able to re-emerge as a powerful, independent industrial power.

China is a charming country with a special culture, traditions and ancient history. The Chinese civilization is one of the oldest in the world, its age is about 5 thousand years. The earliest written mentions of it date back to the 4th millennium BC. Chinese civilization originated in the basins of the Yellow and Yangtze rivers. Here, in the settlements of ancient farmers, the first cities and state associations of China appeared.

The history of China can be roughly divided into three periods:

1. Pre-imperial China (dynasties Xia, Shang, Zhou up to 221 BC);

2. Imperial China (ding Qin 221 BC - ding Qing 1911);

3. New China (1911 - modernity).

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