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"Welcome to the Catholicism category of Trieste Publishing Books. As the largest Christian church in the world, Catholicism is definitely an interesting subject to study. As one of the oldest religious institutions in the world, Catholicism has played and continues to play an important role in the history of Western civilization. Catholicism is distinguished by organizational centralization and the largest number of adherents. The Catholic Church views the entire history of the Christian Church prior to the Great Schism of 1054 as its own history. According to the doctrine of the Catholic Church, the Catholic Church was "pre-typed already from the beginning of the world, wonderfully prepared in the history of the people of Israel and the Old Testament, finally, in these times the latter was founded, appeared through the outpouring of the Holy Spirit and will be completed in glory at the end of times." Just as Eve was created from the rib of a sleeping Adam, the Church was born from the pierced heart of Christ who died on the Cross. To satisfy the desire to understand the concept of the Catholic faith, we bring to your attention the book "Christian Science and the Catholic faith"" by A. M. Bellwald. This essay offers, in addition to a brief historical overview of mental healing, followed by a discussion of the reasons that may explain any success achieved by the movement, to discuss, from a Catholic point of view, more fully than has been done so far, its philosophical and religious background, implications and doctrinal statements. This book covers many of the questions that you can find answers to in it. To learn more about Catholic claims, read the book “Roman Catholic claims” by Charles Gore. This book is written for people who accept, or tend to adopt, a Catholic position. In addition, this book is addressed to Catholic-minded people who are members of the Church of England or churches in fellowship with it. Also pay attention to the book by Henry Edward Manning "Why I became a Catholic: or, religion victories"", who was an English cardinal who was an Anglican priest since 1833 and converted to Catholicism in 1851, and in this book, he explains his decision. These and many other books on the subject of Catholicism, which we have carefully selected for you, are available in our Trieste Publishing Books. "
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