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In our range, there is a large number of various directories for education, for training, for receiving the necessary information. Directories on various fields of knowledge: the study of languages, writing, history, mathematics, geography, genealogy and others. The guides will be useful for schoolchildren, students, scientists, researchers, anyone who needs to know some important and necessary information. Moreover, the directories and catalogs presented in this section also contain such information, which is difficult to find even on the Internet. You can quickly find the information you need in systematized directories.

Here you will find catalogs of museums, libraries, exhibitions, catalogs of paintings by individual artists or art groups, catalogs of universities from around the world. Catalogs of fish or mushrooms, catalogs of insects or catalogs of birds. Catalogs with lists of books, maps, manuscripts, paintings, etc., compiled in a certain order, will make it easier for you to find the information you need.

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