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"Welcome to the Calvinist category of Trieste Publishing Books. Calvinism is a branch of Protestantism, created and developed by the French theologian and preacher John Calvin. Martin Luther began the Protestant Reformation of the church in the 16th century and acted on the principle of “remove from the church everything that clearly contradicts the Bible,” then the French lawyer John Calvin went further - he removed everything that was not required from the church. in the Bible. Thus, the Protestant Reformation of the Church according to Calvin - Calvinist theology - is characterized by a tendency towards rationalism and often a distrust of mysticism. The central doctrine of Calvinism, from which all subsequent doctrines rationally follow, is the sovereignty of God, that is, the sovereignty of God in everything. For a better acquaintance with Calvinism, it is worth learning more about its founder, John Calvin, and we are pleased to present to your attention the book ""Calvin and his enemies: a memoir of the life, character and principles of John Calvin"" authored by Thomas Smyth. This book is written for a deeper understanding of the influence of Calvin and the system advocates to ensure that these blessings of religious and religious values, civil liberty, which they differ. We also offer another book about the life of John Calvin ""John Calvin: the statesman"" by Richard Taylor Stevenson, but unlike the previous one, the system of theology of Calvinism has no place in this volume and the book focuses on the life of this great religious figure. Also the book from our catalog ""Calvinism: Pure And Mixed; A Defence Of The Westminster Standards"" written by William G. T. Shedd will tell you about the principles of Calvinism. The purpose of this work is to define and defend the principles of Calvinism in their original purity and self-awareness, as opposed to the proposed modifications for the purpose of supposed improvement. These and many other books on Calvinism can be found in our Trieste Publishing Books catalog, which have been selected for your convenience and pleasure. "
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