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Trieste Publishing offers you books on business and investing.

We are living in a time when young entrepreneurs and startup founders are quickly becoming billionaires, taking away the title of the most influential people in the world from Wall Street financiers. But what was the business world like a hundred or two hundred years ago? Trieste Publishing invites you to learn about it from books on business and investing.

The most common advice that can be seen in almost any book of this genre is to be purposeful and pursue your passion, and success will come. Success in any business can open new doors, give ground for progress and, as a result, give new passion.

Complex numbers, clever formulas and confusing terminology, production, deficit, profit, budget, taxes - if, passing by shelves with books on economic topics, you imagine these things, you are right, but only partially. These are books for people and especially about people: entrepreneurs, small business owners, those who dream of starting a business.

"Serious" literature for experts and scholars, of course, is also widely represented in Trieste Publishing. These are both textbooks and analytics with comments - literature that will be useful to entrepreneurs, economists, financiers, investors, employees. Our books satisfy the tastes of both professionals and non-professionals. Anyone who is interested in how the economy and business work and affects each of us will find here a useful guide to the world of capital.

Business and investment imply not only success and profit, but also a risk. These books will tell you all about investment and business tools and strategies and make your money work, maximize profits and minimize risk. The described tools will make it possible to draw up and personalize a general investment plan and predict the market situation for years to come. For businessmen and entrepreneurs. For financial and investment advisors. For a wide range of private businessmen and investors.

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