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Business & Investing Books

In this catalogue you will find classic works on accounting, bookkeeping and the development of trading in the world. Books on business, business history and its economic foundations help you to understand the experience of previous generations – their mistakes and successes – and may be useful when starting or developing your own business. The catalogue also contains books about your family budget and how to invest it in your business.


Business is one of the main occupations in a market economy. It is a source of economic and social development in society and covers production, commercial, consulting, banking and other areas of activity.

Small, medium and large businesses are distinguished by the number of employees, the volume of production and the conditions of activity. The most widespread type of business is the small business. It is a small enterprise that produces homogeneous products and occupies a small market share. In some countries, there is a system of state support for such businesses because they meet the daily needs of people, while ensuring widespread employment.

A business person focuses their actions on creating an asset for themselves, which, over time, will not cease to bring them income, regardless of the further activity of personal participation in it. They can be either the sole owner of the enterprise, a worker, or develop a partnership with any convenient large enterprise in the field of management, marketing, finance, etc. The business itself is strongly associated with investments without which the business cannot exist for obvious reasons.

If you cannot find a book by an author or if you have any questions about the contents of one of the books, do not hesitate to contact us.

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