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"Welcome to the Baptist category of Trieste Publishing Books. Of fundamental importance in Baptist is the doctrine of voluntariness and conscientiousness when performing baptism (""baptism by faith""), that is, on condition of firm Christian convictions and rejection of a sinful lifestyle. Baptists, as a denomination, are defined by the doctrines in which they believe. Some of the doctrines coincide with the general Christian, others are peculiar only to Baptists. At different times, different Baptist groups have adopted doctrinal documents (creeds, denominations) to describe their doctrinal differences with both other Christian denominations and other Baptist groups. We have collected excellent books on Baptist for you, and you can find some of them below. In order to gain general knowledge about Baptists, Trieste Publishing offers you a book “The Baptists” authored by Henry C. Vedder. The purpose of this book is to provide a uniform set of Church stories, short but complete, designed to educate the average church member on the lineage, development, and history of Baptists. For an even more serious study of Baptist history, we bring to your attention ""Historical Vindications: A Discourse On The Province And Uses Of Baptist History"" by Sewall S. Cutting. The historical importance of some of the subjects discussed in the book, will justify, it is believed, the extended space which they occupy. The Confessions of 1643 and of 1689 are inserted, because, though absolutely essential to the knowledge of Baptist doctrinal history. We can also suggest that you pay attention to a selection of religious hymns used by Baptists, and many of them are presented in the book ""The Baptist Hymnal: A Collection of Hymns and Spiritual Songs"" by William Rawson Stevenson. As far as the governance of Baptist churches is concerned, it will be helpful to take a look at The standard manual for Baptist churches by Edward T. Hiscox. This work was conceived as a kind of consensus of opinion among those who are best able to judge the politics and conduct of the Baptist Church, especially with regard to governance and discipline. This guide can be of help to both pastors and parishioners, especially in difficult cases that may arise. Expand your knowledge of the Baptists, and Trieste Publishing Books selects the best books on this topic for you. "
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