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Sustainable living involves a way of life that ensures the preservation of the environment. Its components are the protection of natural resources and acceptance of responsibility for future generations. Each generation must be guided by the principle of conservation of natural resources for future generations.

To date, the level of environmental awareness and environmental culture of society is insufficient. The reason for this is low and ineffective awareness of the effects of environmental impacts of human activities on the environment and health. There is no motivation to make a personal contribution to the cause of environmental protection.

The result is a careless attitude towards personal health and the environment in general. The littered streets, parks, squares of our city, indiscriminate consumption of products and services that can harm health and the environment, thoughtless and uneconomical use of natural resources, etc. – are clear evidence of this.

In its activities, Trieste Publishing pays considerable attention to raising public awareness of the rational use of natural resources, the development of education for sustainable living and development, environmental education and environmental education of the younger generation. That's why we offer you books on sustainable living.

We know a lot about protecting the environment, how to incorporate environmental habits into our lives, about sustainable living goals, about climate change and how dangerous it is. We try to take care of our planet, we try to live ecologically. However, ecological and sustainable lifestyles should not be limited to the manifestations of our attitude to the environment and nature. Just as we try to take care of the outside world, we must take care of the inside world.

Trieste Publishing offers to pay attention to books that will make your lifestyle more sustainable and hopefully happier.


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