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Science & Mathematics Books

Trieste Publishing Category “Scientific Literature and Mathematics” is a source of knowledge for those who want to constantly learn something new and do not sit in one place. The category contains books of economic, historical, political and psychological direction. Moreover, the scientific literature category offers its readers a variety of encyclopedias and textbooks.

Natural science and mathematics books help educate children and prevent adults from being left alone with guesswork: they answer the painful, long-standing questions.

Our books may benefit an inventor, researcher or anyone interested in science. We have books for those who observes and analyse natural phenomena, those who are interested in exploring the outside world and those who are simply curious about everything that happens around them.

Literature in Natural Sciences and Exact Sciences from Trieste Publishing.

Natural science books feature heavily in the catalogue.  Our online bookstore is a source of knowledge for those who have an inherent interest in human nature. Exact science textbooks are purchased from us by schoolchildren who want to learn more about the laws of physics and chemistry, and mature audiences are often attracted to our available science publications.


Although non-fiction has become more popular recently such literature requires evidence and evidence. You can find interesting confirmations of thoughts and add dynamic examples to them. We have books containing examples of inexpensive experiments to inspire you and your children. Mathematics or statistics books explain the processes we have known since childhood, and which have not yet been understood. Leave subjective thinking and go for the objective: it is more appropriate when it comes to accuracy!

Our catalogue offers you: books from leading scholars of the present and famous scholars of the past; editions for those who are interested in complex matter and read physical formulas at leisure;
and materials for admirers of the natural and exact sciences. We have scientific collections on geography, biology and astronomy; scientific literature for the whole family; academic books for science connoisseurs and professors and popular science books for a wide range of readers interested in science.

With the literature from Trieste Publishing you will have the necessary tools for accumulating knowledge about what surrounds us. Books about the exact and natural sciences become interpreters of world processes and phenomena for readers.

With Trieste, you can discover our world with greater awareness. Interesting books provide an opportunity to find the right answers and not lose the thirst for knowledge of science. For example, they can help you discuss outer space more knowledgeably, study bacteria within humans, excavate ancient civilizations, examine cells under a microscope, and marvel at the rain. It can help you understand health and explain to a child where the wind comes from and why the trees are swinging. They can help us analyse mathematical formulas and use the knowledge of chemistry in everyday life.

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