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We always want to know something interesting about celebrities. Moreover, if they write about themselves. These memories carry deep wisdom, help to answer many troubling questions, in particular, open the secrets of the geniuses and their inventions. This collection of Trieste Publishing presents biographies and memoirs of scientists, professionals and academics, whose research has strongly influenced science and the picture of the world as a whole. Why do books about scientists, professionals and academics arouse genuine reader interest? Any life story, of course, if it is successful, outstanding, can not be ignored. It is an acquaintance with a person, his life credo, a vision of reality, and a way to find out how and when he managed to make an important discovery, to create something that the world has never seen before. Books about scientists reveal these personalities from the standpoint of the average person - with their shortcomings and features, hobbies and preferences. Reading the biographies of great scientists, you understand: absolutely each of us has potential, it is only necessary to strain a little, to have a little talent and a pinch of luck.


Often the real life of such people is more interesting than the plots of art books: it is so full of events, adventures and vicissitudes. Books about scientists: a source of wisdom. Reading biographies and memoirs, it is easy to be motivated and inspired to take decisive action. A great scientist is a man to follow, an example to follow. Do not stop halfway to dreams, great accomplishments and goals. Any story is an experience that will not hurt to know for sure. And maybe one day you will become just as great, creating something special for all of humanity.

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