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Politics & Social Science Books

Our Politics and Social science catalogue contains books, textbooks and reports relating to the government and study of society.

Politics (from the Greek πολιτική) is the activity of self-government in the polity (city-state), and further the "art of government" of the state and society. It is the activity of solving the issues of life in a society.

Politics refers to purposeful decision-making activities and relationships between different social groups, states and peoples. Our Trieste title, The Home of the Indo-Europeans for example looks at the struggle for the acquisition or retention of state power and tools for regulating and forming these relationships. Policy is a strategic level management activity for internal and external legal relations and interactions using tools and methods such as diplomacy ("What is diplomacy?" Is one of our most popular titles), trade, migration policy and the natural courses of migration, cooperation in global projects and international cooperation, scientific and educational projects, power (military) competition and political, economic and military alliances etc.

In the broad sense, politics is a defined part, program or direction of such activity. It is a set of means (tools) and methods for the realization of certain strategic interests in order to achieve the defined goals (subject of the political process) in a certain social environment.

Social Sciences is a broad group of scientific disciplines presented in the Trieste catalogue in the form of textbooks and reports, the subject of which is the study of society - both the system as a whole and its individual parts, functions and elements. It is also the study of the person (social person, personality) as the Subject and the Object of public relations and relations.

The social sciences include: Sociology, Social Psychology, Right, Political science, and so on.Politics denotes the decision-making process as well as behaviour in public-government institutions. In democratic societies, politics can be observed in the interaction between certain groups of people in corporate, academic, religious institutions with the basis of a democratic form of government and a particular political economy of the country.

You can use Smart search to find a specific author, political topic or scientific work. Feel free to contact us if you experience any difficulties.

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