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Parenting & Relationships Books

Parenting & Relationships category suits those who want to find out more about parenting a child or baby.

What is Parenthood?

Parenting is the process of encouraging and supporting the physical, emotional, social and intellectual development of a child from birth to adulthood. It is also a complex set of rights, duties and responsibilities with regard to legislation. Paternity / motherhood concerns the upbringing of children and is not limited to the exclusiveness of biological affinity. Education is also called socialization - the process and practice of mastering a child's generally accepted norms of behavior in society.

Often the child's biological parents do the heavy lifting of parenting but children can also be parented by a senior sibling, grandparents, legal guardian or guardian, aunt, uncle or other relatives, as well as family friends. Governments and societies can also participate in the upbringing of children. In many cases, orphaned or abandoned children receive parental care in relationships that are unsupported by affinity. Others may be adopted, live in foster care or in an orphanage.

Parenting skills very widely, and a person with good parenting skills may be considered a good parent.

Upbringing styles vary by age, race / ethnicity, social class and other social variables. Studies have found that parenting history with its attachment quality, as well as parental pathophysiology, especially as a result of negative experiences, can significantly influence parents' sensitivity and has implications for children. That is, parenting strategies and experiences are transmitted across generations. In diverse environments, relationships between people differ.

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