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Native Americans - various tribes of Indians living in the United States, as well as Eskimos, Aleuts and Hawaiians. The population of U.S. indigenous peoples has declined significantly in the process of colonization of the territory by European immigrants, disease, the gradual extermination and exclusion from their territories.


Everyone knows that the indigenous people of America are Indians. The inhabitants of the vast continent got their name due to the mistake of Columbus, who sailed to India, but ended up in America. No one corrected this mistake, and therefore Indians call all the indigenous people not only the United States, but also other American countries. Naturally, the Indians themselves did not call themselves that, moreover, it was not one people, but many different tribes. In total, at the time of the meeting with Europeans, scientists count about 400 different tribes who spoke more than 300 languages. Nowadays, no more than 100 Native American languages ​​are actively used, the rest are either lost or not used.


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