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Military biographies and memoirs will interest everyone who is interested in history. Thanks to high-quality literature, it is possible to find out unsolved secrets, the names of previously unknown heroes, important battles that the government hid. Trieste Publishing offers inexpensive to buy biographies and memoirs of military figures. We guarantee affordable prices, a convenient site, a variety of publications.


Memoirs about military leaders occupy a worthy position in the catalog. These works tell readers about military personnel (commanders, ordinary soldiers, generals, field marshals), different periods of history, many countries.


Autobiographical books about military figures tell about a personal vision of hostilities, an opinion on the government, and the causes of wars. Also, such publications can inspire their own exploits, go forward, overcome obstacles.


Military memoirs and biographies provide rich and especially for military specialists valuable material on the strategic and tactical, organizational and social problems associated with the war, arising from it and put forward by it throughout human history.


Buy military biographies and memoirs in Trieste Publishing.

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