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Biographies & Memoirs of Leaders & Notable People

Each person has his own prototypes for inheritance, idols or just people whose biographies motivate him to act. In world history, there is more than one example of biographies of famous people, after reading which you are inspired to absolutely any actions. Often these are people who lived centuries ago, but there are also our contemporaries. For some, these are athletes, for others, politicians, for others, successful entrepreneurs. But the only thing that unites them all is the leaders. And even today, when the world is changing rapidly, sometimes after several centuries after the death of such figures, their ideas continue to remain relevant and contribute to the unity of people. Isn’t this the task of a true leader?

Professional politicians, skilled statesmen gave history the greatest number of famous leaders. The reason for this is the specifics of the area where such people quite often decided the fate of the world, and their names were constantly on the ears. In addition, success in politics requires charisma, fortitude and, as a rule, excellent oratorical skills.

Business, unlike politics, is an area where the word "success" is applied to famous people more often. Everyone wants to be successful, partly this explains the popularity of books written by famous businessmen. Leaders in the economic sphere are often bold innovators, risky adventurers and optimists who can carry away their ideas.

Without going into a philosophical debate about the influence of mass culture on the civilizational development of mankind, we note the fact that it is leaders in this sphere who most often become objects of adoration and inheritance, understandable and simple, the same as an ordinary member of society. The reason for this is the very mass concept of pop culture and its accessibility.

Sport is one of the spheres of mass culture. To achieve success in this area, you need to have talent, stand out with physical or mental abilities, but there are often cases when those who persistently went to the goal through exhausting training and complete dedication are also successful. This makes a sport a subject of idealization, because it knows the most examples when a boy from a Brazilian slum or a native of a family of dysfunctional African emigrants reached the heights, becoming an idol for millions of these children around the world.

Today, thanks to the rapid development of technology, including military, there is not so much place for a military genius in history. But a century ago, the fate of individual states and the world as a whole sometimes depended on commanders and military leaders.

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