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In this section, Trieste Publishing offers you phrasebooks, dictionaries, references and other literature for foreign languages study.

Communicating in different languages with different people is one of the main tasks of modern man. Knowledge of foreign languages opens new opportunities for education, career, travel. You will be able to watch your favorite TV series and movies without translation. It takes a lot of effort to be able to understand and pronounce new words correctly. However, a systematic approach to the study is sure to bring good results. Trieste Publishing's range allows everyone to learn languages on their own. Armed with the best publications, you will be able to learn something new in any place and at a convenient time.

Paper dictionaries are the decoration of any library. It is both a luxurious gift and just a useful thing for anyone who wants to enrich their vocabulary. Trieste Publishing selection includes dictionaries for readers of all ages and with different levels of language proficiency. Here you will find everything you need for those who are taking their first steps in learning foreign languages as well as English. The basic grammar rules are added to separate editions. In addition, specialists in certain fields will be interested in thematic dictionaries.


Knowing the most common words and phrases are important for anyone traveling to different countries. Foreign language books will be the basis of study and will take your abilities to a new level. Trieste Publishing's books will allow you to travel to different parts of the globe - with these editions you can feel confident anywhere.

Learn French, German, Latin, Italian, Greek and other languages with Trieste Publishing.

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