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About some people can be heard that they have encyclopedic knowledge. This means that they are competent in a wide range of issues at the level of encyclopedias. This word first appeared in the Middle Ages and meant a set of knowledge that needed to be mastered in pedagogy at the time. It acquired its modern significance after the publication in the 16th century of books containing all the knowledge known at the time from various branches of science. Now encyclopedias allow you to learn a huge amount of information.

It should be noted that the encyclopedia as a separate genre of popular science literature has its own distinctive features. The simplicity of presentation, which is important for the perception of a wide range of readers, must be combined with scientific meticulousness, logic and clarity of presentation of the material. One-sided coverage of facts and phenomena, negligence and inaccuracy in the wording of the text are unacceptable for this genre. This is the main difference from other types of scientific publications because they can be presented taking into account the author's concept.

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