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In this section, you will find various user manuals, consumer guides, handbooks, - documents whose purpose is to provide people with assistance in using some system.

Address books, descriptions of equipment, products - simple and understandable. The style and language used are available to the intended audience, the use of jargon is reduced to a minimum or explained in detail.

It is known that the instructions included with the products are intended to help the user. They must explain and help. The main components of the quality of the user manual, of course, are its structure and the text itself. And the quality of the entire manual depends on how these components meet the needs of the user. Address books of different cities, technical and languages guides, guides to reading or writing, spelling guides, handbook of style in use, manuals for teachers and students, for schools, colleges and universities, and other info.

In this section, there are various manuals, guides, handbooks, for historians, history buffs.

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