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Computers & Technology Books

In this section, Trieste Publishing has collected books on the history of the development of counting instruments and computer technology. From the birth of the simplest calculating tools to modern large computers, the history of personal computers. Descriptions of computing devices and machines, as well as biographical information about their creators.

Do you know when the first counting devices came about? What were they like? What devices for mathematical calculations were used in the 19th century? Who was the first programmer? If not, then welcome to the world of computer age history. These books will introduce you not only to devices that a person used at different times for computing but also to people who moved science and technology forward. In this section, you will find books about devices from abacus to smartphones, from the Babbage machine to the Deep Blue supercomputer. Meet personalities from Leonardo da Vinci to John von Neumann and Steve Jobs. Learn about the stages of development of computing devices from the pre-mechanical period to the latest generation computers

The books in this section are intended for a wide circle of readers who are interested in computer technology and the history of its development. Trieste Publishing believes that these books will be interesting and useful for children and adults, for students and accountants, for IT professionals and ordinary computer users.

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