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Maps, atlases, guides visualize the universe.

Maps, atlases, guides - a complex that visualizes the whole world: from continents and oceans to small details - individual objects, such as the central streets of New York, Paris or Sydney, or even a separate tourist place (museum, street, monuments). Their purpose is to orient a person, to give brief information about a certain place, city, country, continent.

Without knowledge of geography and an idea of ​​the location of countries, it is difficult to study other sciences. History, political science, economics, journalism, and even philology are closely related to geography, as this science provides insight not only into the location of states but also about their strategic position. Environmental activities are also closely dependent on geography: by and large, the culture of its conduct is formed in the study of science.

Knowledge of geography is a broadening of horizons.

In addition to the fact that maps, atlases, guides are actively bought by schoolchildren, teachers and students, this type of printed product is used by travelers and tourists around the world, parents for their children who want to know everything from an early age, dreamers and people who are poorly oriented in space. Trieste Publishing offers you unique maps, atlases, guides from past centuries. These publications will be of interest to scientists, researchers, and anyone interested.

The era of great geographical discoveries gave impetus to the development of cartography. Today, maps are the most reliable, most accurate, and therefore the most important means of studying the earth's surface, which allows you to view the territory of any size.

Atlases can be called systematized collections of maps. Their convenience lies in the fact that they have the same design and content, subject to the purpose of its compilation. Originating as an appendix of 27 geographical maps to Ptolemy's "Handbook of Geography" in the 2nd century, atlases have become an indispensable thing in our lives. After all, they are a whole album of images of various objects (maps, drawings, pictures, etc.). They are used both for educational purposes and for practical use.

Travel guides are guides that contain information that helps you navigate a particular place while traveling.

We can conclude that maps, atlases and guides are reliable and necessary helpers of modern man who seeks to develop, travel and expand the boundaries of their own worldview.

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