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This section contains the most popular biographies and memoirs of great artists, architects, photographers.

Many people know how to draw well, but not everyone is given the opportunity to become great. And photographic accuracy is not the main thing in the pictures. After all, for several centuries people have been admiring the images and emotions that the masters from past generations presented to us in their paintings. To convey to the viewer the inner world of the created image, the artist himself must feel a lot. The art without words to ridicule vices and sing praises, show the colors of the greatness of nature or the warmth of love requires the master to maximize his own mental strength. Acquaintance with the biographies of famous creative people allows us not only to more deeply evaluate the meaning of their creations, but also to better understand the choice of the plot topic.

Buying books about biographies and memoirs of artists, architects, photographers will be useful not only to people of art, but also to anyone who wants to learn more about famous personalities.

Here you will find memoirs, memoirs of contemporaries, biographies compiled by writers and historians, cultural studies.

Interesting character traits and eccentricities, the pangs of creativity and insight, the ups and downs will reveal the beloved master not only as a brilliant creator, but also as a person. Each book will tell about the living conditions and the formation of the character of the masters, their interests and knowledge. In their memoirs, artists share with readers alarms and doubts, talk about their surroundings. At the same time, many artists write about themselves without undue modesty, not embarrassed by harsh judgments, estimates or sharp descriptions. On the contrary, creating a biography of the great master, the researchers present a view from the outside - in the books they describe the historical era, facts from childhood or events that influenced the character of the creator. Many works provide an opportunity to find out how the works of artists, architects, photographers were perceived by contemporaries, what the author wanted to show in his work, how the world reacted to it and how the social, political or cultural situation influenced the master.

In some books, authors focus on the biographies of a particular artist, architect or photographer, in others, they talk about the work of representatives of entire areas of painting, architecture, photography or acquaint themselves with the stories of the creation of famous creations.

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