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This section is dedicated to actors and actresses who have entered their names in the history of art thanks to their outstanding talent. They became famous for their game in the theater and in cinema to all world.

This section contains the most interesting and vivid biographies and memoirs of actors and actresses. Each generation of mankind has its idols among actors and actresses. Someone is forgotten quickly and, possibly, undeservedly. Other cultural figures are remembered and revered for generations. Their films and performances are watched and listened by children and even grandchildren of their contemporaries. The generally recognized talent brings fame and glory to artists, directors, and musicians. But what does this glory give them in practice? Or what takes? To find out the answers to these and many other questions, you should buy books about biographies and memoirs of actors and actresses.

In this section you can find biographies and memoirs about many famous figures of theater and cinema: memoirs of artists, their memories of friends and colleagues, thoughts about life and their own assessments of their work. Very often, these books open our idols from a completely unexpected side. Indeed, behind the mask of a successful and beloved star, a simple person often hides with exactly the same fears, problems and emotions as most people do. Depending on the thematic direction, the literature of this type can be divided into several key categories: memoirs of cultural figures themselves; biographies written by their friends or relatives; studies of journalists and cultural experts.

This section contains biographies of famous figures of the theater, cinema - idols of past generations.

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