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Apparently, everyone at least once in his life tried to write a poem or a novel. Someone even started. But how difficult it is to gather thoughts and turn your dream into a bestseller. To ease your suffering, Trieste Publishing has compiled books in this section to help you get closer to your dream.

Can everyone learn to invent, write, develop and edit bright, interesting texts? It's worth a try! The skill in creating texts must be constantly developed. Our selection of books on professional writing will help to all. There are useful theories and practical advice for those who plan to work with the word.

Where to get inspiration, how to overcome the fear of a blank page and how makes a strong text? You will learn about the professional secrets of writers, journalists, all those whose job is to write texts. You will learn a lot of practical advice on style, working with characters, plot and dialogues.

All famous writers studied the theory of plot, hero, intrigue. Some - read classics. Others use the recommendations of other writers. Most American authors of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries attended writing courses at the college.

If you want to learn writing skills to publish your own art, business, or non-fiction book - look for tips in the section "Professional Writing".

Trieste Publishing offers books for writers, novice writers, copywriters, rewriters, journalists, bloggers, PR people. For everyone who wants to learn writing skills, write bright short stories and even - to make posts on social networks and blogs.

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