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Professional, Engineering & Architecture Books

The Professional, Engineering and Architecture categories are combined for your convenience. Professional books in the catalogue include textbooks and guides on how a profession works. We have one of the largest assortments of professional literature available.

A textbook is a book that systematically sets out information from a particular area of knowledge that is used in the education system at different levels, as well as for self-study. It is a kind of educational edition.

Tutorials are designed with potential readers in mind and age. Educational literature is produced by public and private publishers, as well as educational institutions. We also have books on construction of buildings, bridges, monuments, landscape design and masterpieces of world architecture.

A tutorial is a book that contains the basics of scientific knowledge in a particular discipline, outlined in accordance with the goals of the study and defined by the program and the requirements of didactics. The textbook is an educational publication with a systematic presentation of the discipline (its sections, parts), which corresponds to the curriculum and is officially approved as such (the textbooks also include letters).

Our books on Architecture and Construction are about the cultural heritage of each country expressed not only in works of art, but also in architectural images. Innovative and original construction solutions are of interest to anyone. Historic buildings are often found in large cities, which are difficult to look away from. High columns, wall paintings and unique decorations attract numerous tourists. The Trieste Publishing online store contains books detailing the history of different styles, the formation of new views, the provision of interesting research data and real past events.

Our classic literature is low-priced and there are many great discounts and exciting promotions available. We also ship free of charge for more than three books purchased.

Almost every person has a desire to live in luxury and will watch the construction of unique buildings, bridges, and monuments with interest. However, few understand the knowledge behind the construction. Vast sums are spent on design work taking into account the practical side of each

Huge amounts of money are spent on design work, while taking into account the practical side of each construction project.

You can find books on landscape design too including information on creating parks and streets.  Books based on the history of architecture discuss the formation and development of different styles, methods of their implementation and provide useful tips. This literature may be useful for students of construction universities, as well as for general development.

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