7 Inspirational Books for 2021

Each of us has moments in our lives when we need help - especially nowadays. At times various assistance is required - physical, psychological, moral when we need to solve a difficult situation, or understand whether our way of life is right. 

The book is the best helper. It supports a person in a difficult situation like no other. It motivates us, teaches, and helps us to look at our life from different angles, to understand where we are now and how to return to a life that gives vivid emotions. Here are the top 7 motivational books from Trieste Publishing to read in 2021, which will help both men and women to overcome difficult times in life.

First in our list is:

Your Mind and How to Use It: A Manual of Practical Psychology

Your Mind and How to Use It


The book is by famous author William Walker Atkinson, an American pioneer of the New Thought movement. Most of his books are practical guides for training the mind. This book is an excellent representation of this topic. If you want to know more about psychology, understand the theory and terminology, here you can find everything you need to improve your knowledge and skills of this subject. Your Mind and How to Use It: A Handbook of Practical Psychology, first published in 1911, but is still relevant today and we are pleased to give you the opportunity to read this book for your pleasure. 

Shut Your Mouth and Save Your Life

Your Mind and How to Use It

Written by George Catlin, an American lawyer, painter, author, and traveler, who specialized in portraits of Native Americans in the Old West. He documented their views of special mouth breathing techniques. He spent a lot of time among Native Americans in different parts of the country studying their culture. This book describes his observations and considerations about the so-called nasal breathing of Native Americans. He notes that Native Americans are healthier than people in civilized countries and that nasal breathing is an important part of it. If you are interested in the culture, customs, and health secrets of Native Americans, then this book is for you.

The complete works of Friedrich Nietzsche; Vol. Eight.

Your Mind and How to Use It

In this volume the world-famous philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche has represented such philosophical essays as The Case of Wagner, Nietzsche contra Wagner, Selected Aphorisms, and We Philologists. But the main thing in this collection are two essays on Richard Wagner.

So If you are interested in the philosophical works of legendary german philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, you have an excellent opportunity to read this volume, which we are pleased to provide to you.

Self-reliance: a practical and informal discussion of methods of teaching self-reliance, initiative and responsibility to modern children


Written by Dorothy Canfield Fisher, American educational reformer, social activist, and best-selling American author in the early 20th century.

This book was published in 1916 and shows us the problems of the time and how they affected the education and upbringing of children.

The mission of this book is to guide teachers and parents to recognize new problems and to develop ways and means of solving these problems. This book contains many useful, practical tips to help teach children important skills that will help them get through everyday life situations on their own. The author was a careful student of educational principles and practice at home and abroad. She studied life and education in the great cities, and has now put her views of training the young into practice in her home country. As a result her views and her suggestions are based on theoretical and concrete studies, as well as on her everyday experience. If you are interested in comparing the methods of upbringing and education from the past with the present and to teach children independence, responsibility and initiative, then this book may be useful to you, and we are pleased to present it to your attention.

The Story of a Duchess and Twice-Crowned Queen

The Story of a Duchess and Twice-Crowned Queen

This book is the life story of one of the world's great women, Anne of Brittany.

She was the most popular ruler of Brittany and the richest woman in Europe of her time. The last heiress of her country, she was forced to marry the rulers of France under pressure from them, however, she pursued an active independent policy in order to avoid the annexation of Brittany by France.

She is considered the patroness of arts and literature.

The author's reason for creating this volume is simple: to fill in the gaps of history on the bookshelves on a forgotten topic.

We bring to your attention the book about an amazing story of the Duchess of Brittany and twice-crowned Queen of France, Anne of Brittany.

The law of mentalism: a practical, scientific explanation of thought or mind force

The law of mentalism

What is mentalism? To answer this question is the purpose of this book.

Mentalism is a power or force, so subtle, but at the same time so potent that it would take more years to measure its breadth and depth and to figure out all its applications and purposes than is allotted to a person on this earth, since the possibilities are endless.

It is the source of all intelligence and all physical, social, mental, spiritual, scientific, artistic and mechanical achievements.

The author deliberately avoided using scientific terms in this book, as it was written for the general population, and not just as a scientific textbook.

He also avoided all statements that were somehow seasoned with sensation or mystery, because he had no desire to play on the superstitions inherent in society.

The author did not touch upon assumptions or possibilities, but strictly adhered to that knowledge that was carefully tested and demonstrated to the complete satisfaction of logical, thinking minds because he wanted to appeal only to the mind and reason of man.

Psychology: the motive powers, emotions, conscience, will

Psychology: the motive powers, emotions, conscience, will

Written by James McCosh, prominent philosopher of the Scottish School of Common Sense.

This book is divided into several parts.

The first part of the work is largely a reduction of the author's work on emotions, which can be consulted by anyone who wants to see illustrations and reasoning that he did not copy into this book.

Then there are the parts devoted to the classification and description of emotions, as well as conscience.

In this work, the author considers emotions as mental actions, but does not lose sight of their physiological attendant and consequences.

His goal was to clarify the truth and let it shine in its own light.


These 7 books had a great impact on literature and helped many people improve their physical and mental health, raise their morale and solve problems with children. We hope these books motivate you as they have inspired us.

Happy reading!