General Method of Solving Equations of All Degrees
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General Method of Solving Equations of All Degrees

Oliver Byrne

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General Method of Solving Equations of all degrees - is a work, which was published in 1868 and written by Oliver Byrne, a civil engineer and prolific author of works on subjects including mathematics, geometry, and engineering. The main business of the science of algebra is to derive the meaning of unknown quantities from algebraic expressions, called equations, in which known and unknown quantities are involved, related to each other by given relationships that can be expressed numerically. It is well known that the establishment of general formulas by which the numerical values ​​of the roots of equations of all powers could be determined has bewildered the most zealous efforts of the most capable analysts, and that the numerical methods used to achieve the same goal are so laborious that their practical almost impossible to apply. Nevertheless, the general method for solving equations of all degrees, which the author has established and illustrated in the following pages, is general, easily applicable, and highly practical, and is no doubt the greatest gain that the science of algebra has received, for without such a general method, science was would be incomplete and devoid of one of its greatest demands. To be able to apply this method, it is necessary to know the art and science of double arithmetic, which the author invented and developed in five previous published volumes. However, for those who have not studied double arithmetic, it may be necessary to point out that any two of the three corresponding numbers (Natural number), (Dual number), (Dual Logarithm) can be found almost instantly, and the remaining one is given; and this too without the use of tables, by simple independent and direct processes.

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